About Us

Tim and a Team, Inc. was established by Ralph (TIM) Hiskey, CAPS, and Vladimir Nalivayko, CAPS, in 2001.  Tim and a Team, Inc. is a full service General Contractor, striving to deliver great construction experiences by combining work ethic, and service oriented attitude with experience and expertise.

We accommodate people, who want to improve their way of living by turning the house they live in into the home they love. We perform high quality construction services with the client’s participation, involvement and guidance. 

Tim has retired in late 2008, but Vladimir and Sasha, along with other talented craftsmen, keep on going in the tradition of meeting and exceeding client’s expectations, having behind a strong support team that consists of an excellent designer, fine plumbing and electrical companies, and dependable suppliers. We realize your dreams from start to finish in a hassle free manner! 

Tim and a Team, Inc. is a long time member of Master Builders Association.

Our General Contractor's number is #TIMTEI*990NZ.

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